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Slash pine trees were the easiest tree species to survey for detection of termites because the activity could readily be detected on the surface of the tree, or immediately underneath the loose outer bark (Fig.
These means were lower than the 0.59 value given in the Wood Handbook (USDA 1999) for mature slash pine at 12 percent MC.
Annual and seasonal variation of seedfall, seed viability, germination and survival of seedlings below canopy in slash pine stands.
As part of its reforestation program, Palm Beach County's Department of Environmental Resources Management is replacing slash pine. These trees were ill adapted to urban and suburban conditions and were subsequently killed by pine bark beetle.
Squirrels fed heavily on maturing slash pine cones and later switched to cypress cones.
Southern pine, southern yellow pine, Florida longleaf, Florida yellow pine, Georgia yellow pine, slash pine, loblolly pine, shortleaf pine, American pitch pine, Gulf coast pitch pine, longleaf pitch pine, longleaf pine and longleaf yellow pine, Carolina pine, northern Carolina pine, meadow pine, salt water pine, spruce pine, she pitch pine, swamp pine, bassett pine, black pine and foxtail pine are among the common names of the four species.
In September, the mill had three months worth of slash pine and Masson pine on hand as well as three months worth of recycled fiber, much more than it needed.
Longleaf was difficult to cultivate and grew slowly, so the pulp mills that followed the loggers planted the now-ubiquitous loblolly and slash pine.
Abstract.--A stand level survival model for unthinned slash pine (Pinus elliottii) plantations in east Texas was developed that incorporates density of non-planted tree basal area per hectare competition and the incidence of fusiform rust (Cronartium quercuum).
So the classic concept of a "climax" forest does not apply in a region where only isolated pockets of slash pine, which occupies the highest and driest land in the state, escaped regular burning.
The interior of this island, managed by the National Park Service, was dominated by scrub forests of slash pine (Pinus elliotti).
(a) Site 1 (26[degrees]00' S, 152[degrees]49' E) was planted in May 1996 with seedlings of an [F.sub.1] hybrid between slash pine (Pinus elliottii) and Caribbean pine (P.