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Our members intervened to try and stop the attack and unfortunately one of our people got slashed and ended up having to get 16 stitches in the hospital.
Slashed trees greater than 20 tall will be bucked every 10 feet to facilitate piling operations.
Caroline McChesney slashed cars' tyres, scratched swear-words in their paintwork and painted them on doors and gates and sent hate mail to the GP, a court heard.
COM has slashed 80% from the price of funky red Firetrap Dr Jolly trainers for fellas from PS90 to PS17.
According to Media Reports, Muttahida Transport Federation chairman, Sultan Awan said that the stop-to-stop fare has been slashed from Rs16 to Rs13 besides within the city operating vehicles' fares for 4 to 8 kilometres slashed from Rs20 to Rs18, for 8 to 14 kilometres from Rs25 to Rs21 and for 22 to 30 kilometres cut from Rs30 to Rs26.
Recently CSC slashed domestic wholesale prices for the most popular hot-rolled steel coils to be shipped in September by US$55 to between US$650 and US$670 per metric ton.
TWO teenagers were horrifically slashed during a mugging.
The central bank of Hungary has slashed its interest rate.
A fight broke out, and during the melee the pair were slashed with an unknown weapon.
HOLIDAY MAKERS have a reason to be cheerful - Dublin Airport Authority has slashed its car parking prices.
Jet fuel prices in Delhi were slashed to Rs 29,158 per kilolitre from Rs 30,288 per kilolitre.
I saw my tires were just slashed," he said yesterday.