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Minutes earlier, she had slashed a convict with a razor blade during an argument over a mirror.
The 39-year-old nurse said: "I got to my car, which was parked on Old Stone Close at around 8am and was shocked because all four of my tyres had been slashed.
Leo was stabbed in the stomach and slashed across his chest and needed 16 stitches," said an anonymous source.
Our members intervened to try and stop the attack and unfortunately one of our people got slashed and ended up having to get 16 stitches in the hospital.
is really pressuring downstream steelmakers, with the global steel industry having slashed equipment utilization rate to 80%.
He gave his wallet containing cash and cards to the woman, but as he was released from the headlock, he was slashed to the face.
The Magyar Nemzeti Bank slashed the base rate to 8.
And the victims do not know who slashed them or what weapon was used.
Since then, fuel prices have been slashed every month and decreased twice in November.
1 : to cut or strike at with sweeping blows <He slashed the air with his cutlass .
I saw my tires were just slashed," he said yesterday.