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At a word from the Wieroo of the yellow slashing who evidently was a person of authority, one left and presently returned with fiber ropes with which Bradley was tightly bound.
In fighting, each party tries to mark the face of his adversary by slashing his nose or eyes; as is often attested by deep and horrid-looking scars.
He had already begun to publish verse, and when 'The Edinburgh Review' ridiculed his very juvenile 'Hours of Idleness' he added an attack on Jeffrey to a slashing criticism of contemporary poets which he had already written in rimed couplets (he always professed the highest admiration for Pope's poetry), and published the piece as 'English Bards and Scotch Reviewers.
Hugely interested, he watched the slashing of the three brown arms and the exchange of blood with Mbonga, the chief, in the rites of the ceremony of blood brotherhood.
He came towards us, slashing viciously at the flowers with his riding-whip.
Tenders are invited for Poker Hill Slashing & PCT
Britain's government has pledged to cut energy bills by [pounds sterling]50 a year, via a series of measures, while four out of the UK's 'Big Six' energy companies have revealed that they are either slashing household bills or not raising prices until 2015.
SUPERMARKET Tesco has ramped up broadband wars by slashing their prices to just PS2 a month.
George Osborne here is following the same policies by slashing corporation tax from 28 per cent to 20 per cent, yet it shows no signs of working whatsoever.
The DAA has responded by slashing prices at its long-term parking bays to as little as EUR4.
The yobs then turned on her, pushing her back inside the house and slashing her across the body.