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A recipient of the Best Player of the Conference (BPC) award during last season's Governors' Cup, Slaughter has averages of nearly 17 points and 11 rebounds per game, with 3.
We didn't really make it hard on them with our offense,' said Slaughter Friday at Mall of Asia Arena.
To date, the slaughter campaign has started in 7 reindeer husbandry farms in the region.
The municipalities in the two emirates have said that the abattoirs are all set to meet the surge in demand for slaughter services.
com/horse-slaughter-likely-back-us-soon-usda-ban-lifted-379040) Horse Slaughter Likely Back in U.
This special teams will conduct on the spot checking of these slaughter houses and if anyone is found guilty of violating rules then not only his shop will be sealed but also legal action will be initiated against him.
If the rules to disallow buying or selling of cattle for slaughter in a cattle market is to end cruelty to animals, what makes the government overlook cruelty to other animals?
Some of the residents said that government has already established a Slaughter house in Falang area but has been occupied by levies persons for check post purpose.
The move, which was initiated in 1995 by the then Shiv Sena- BJP government through the Maharashtra State Animal Preservation ( Amendment) Bill, took almost two decades to materialise, thus banning the slaughter of any bullocks or calves in the state.
The debate over whether or not to slaughter horses for human consumption has become a controversial issue in agriculture in the past decade.
SIR - Your article, Vets demand end to non-stun slaughter, (August 12), is concerning for those who believe in humane treatment of animals.
Colombo, June 16 -- On the last Saturday, nearly 581 goats, 203 cocks and millions of Hindus compassion towards animals were slaughtered at the Kownawatte Narasimha Vairavar Temple, without any license to slaughter issued by the appropriate authority, as ordered by the Magistrate of Mallakam.