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Finally, however, Tarzan succeeded in silencing them, on the plea that their noise would attract the Arabs to their hiding-place, when all would be slaughtered.
In the battles which ensued the people of Madagonia slaughtered two thousand Novakatkans and wounded twelve thousand.
They raged and slaughtered and destroyed all over the city proper, and were in turn destroyed; but never once did they succeed in reaching the city of the oligarchs over on the west side.
An "estanciero" told me that he often had to send large herds of cattle a long journey to a salting establishment, and that the tired beasts were frequently obliged to be killed and skinned; but that he could never persuade the Gauchos to eat of them, and every evening a fresh beast was slaughtered for their suppers
At an estancia near Las Vacas large numbers of mares are weekly slaughtered for the sake of their hides, although worth only five paper dollars, or about half a crown apiece.
Steameth not this city with the fumes of slaughtered spirit?
As a practise, cows are routinely shipped to states with lower or no requirement for slaughter, even though it is illegal in most states to ship animals across state borders to be slaughtered.
I tried getting my animal slaughtered at the abattoir once and ended up spending the entire day there.
Henceforth, only buffaloes will be permitted to be slaughtered legally in the state.
However, an exemption in UK law allows animals to be slaughtered without stunning for certain religious communities - Dhabihah slaughter for Halal food and Shechita slaughter for Kosher food.
Bausher slaughterhouse He said that the central slaughterhouse of Bausher has so far slaughtered 6,933 animals such as goats and lambs and 119 cows during Ramadan.
Special Assistant said that strict action would be taken against the concerned veterinary doctor and District Livestock Officer on the complaint of adulterated and illegally slaughtered meat.