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They can either be re-tested again after 60 days, or slaughtered instead.
It was also reported that Jalan Bani Bu Ali municipal slaughterhouse recorded 2,185 livestock slaughtered during Eid, which included 12 camels, 127 cows, 442 goats and 1,604 sheep.
Only if all obligations were fulfilled and obtained approval from the appropriate authorities only I order that goats and cocks could be slaughtered.
Another sheikh, Abdulwahab Al-Humaikani, weighed in and recommended ensuring the slaughtered animal is free of any imperfections so as to avoid unnecessary health risks.
In Jewish law we have to look after animals and when the animal is slaughtered it has to be done in the most humane way according to the Torah.
The average weight of carcasses by animal slaughtered was 2kg according to IBGE.
BEEF producers have been issued with guidelines to help reduce the amount of dark cutting beef found in slaughtered young bulls and boost the industry by up to pounds 2.
Carcass traits of feedlot crossbred lambs slaughtered at different live weights
She said: "The policy of the Welsh Assembly Government, in common with many other countries, is that cattle who have tested positive for TB should be slaughtered to protect public health and animal health.
Every year, more than 100,000 horses are slaughtered in America or shipped alive to be slaughtered abroad.