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The slaughterer rejects the whole animal if there is any disease in any part of it and the farms chosen are only allowed to feed the animals naturally on grass.
To keep checks on the slaughterers and the meat a new profession was born - that of "controller".
Motty had 10 years of training before becoming a slaughterer," says David Serphos, the former director of the Jewish Community of Amsterdam.
Colin Corrigan became the slaughterer on Taransay and these things have to be done by the book.
We also had two great triumphs last month - exclusively revealing the date on which Tony Blair was to announce the election and saving Phoenix the calf from the slaughterer by getting Government policy on the foot and mouth cull changed.
Former pig slaughterer Smith yesterday admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the animals.
Father Jim has built up an enterprise as a licensed horse slaughterer with his sons Shane, Jamie, Carl and Douglas as fellow directors.
Unfortunately the big slaughterer companies ignored this instruction and despite putting our objections before Defra on many occasions they still feel confident about continuing to do so," said Mr Forster.
The easiest solution is to give them up immediately to a knacker's yard, hunt kennel or casualty slaughterer because they will become an even greater financial burden if they are kept any longer.