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Despite awareness campaigns in Sharjah and Ajman about the dangers of illegal slaughtering of animals for Eid, residents continue to violate rules.
Butchers on the other hand have increased their rates for slaughtering animals keeping in view their high demand.
The Abu Dhabi public slaughterhouse, Baniyas slaughterhouse, Al Shahama slaughterhouse, and Al Wathba slaughterhouse will adopt the highest health standards in meeting the rising needs of the public for slaughtering services availed of during a flexible timing that suits all demands," the municipality said.
The special task force raided at Hano ka Chaja in interior city where they found butchers slaughtering animals in streets.
A UK-wide law states that slaughtering an animal without stunning causes unnecessary suffering, and therefore, animals should be stunned before slaughter.
He said that a watchful eye should be kept on water injected and other harmful chemicals adulterated meat and illegal slaughtering of animals.
The Kazakh champions provoked anger ahead of the first leg match by slaughtering a sheep at their stadium the day before Celtic took to the pitch.
Despite the federal government's decision to legalize horse slaughter for human consumption, I believe creating a horse slaughtering industry in New Mexico is wrong and I am strongly opposed," said New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez.
Sheikh Mohammed Al-Maswari, the head of the Al-Dhikra Charitable Foundation, said, "There are many mistakes committed during the slaughtering of the animalsae including the absence of the one who owns the sacrificed animal.
The civic body has made the move to cater for people due to increased demand for slaughtering sacrificial
Second, the phrase 'ritual slaughter' is inaccurate as there is no ritual at all involved in the shechita method of humanely slaughtering animals for food.
The slaughter house will open to public from November 13 onwards though the actual slaughtering will begin from the first day of Eid," said Salem Hamoud Al Harthy, director of directorate of slaughter house.