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Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner has directed all AACs for taking action against butchers slaughtering cattle inside shops in their respective areas.
The slaughtering of sacrificial animals will start from 7.
The authorities also called upon residents to refrain from slaughtering animals outside designated facilities in order to maintain public health and hygiene standards.
Even the Attorney who appeared for the Temple Authorities have said that license has been received from the appropriate authorities for slaughtering animals and it has been referred in the order issued by the Magistrate Mallakam as follows:
Fees for slaughtering are Dhs15 per goat or sheep, Dhs40 per calf or young camel, and Dhs60 per older cattle.
Slaughtering fee will be charged as follows: RO1 for one goat/sheep, RO2 for one cattle, and RO4 for one camel.
Spokesman Sanjay Mistry said: "What it does show is that the current policy of testing for TB then slaughtering, then doing a postmortem to see if TB is really there, is ridiculous.
Most participants had some knowledge of avian influenza; 88% of participants knew the name of the disease, and of those, all knew that infections can be deadly, and 97% knew that interacting with and slaughtering infected birds are the most risky activities.
Whatever happens inside the plant, there's little dispute that slaughtering a large animal can be nasty.
The study showed that fewer cattle were lost when a combination of vaccination and slaughtering was used rather than just slaughter.
He has applied for a license to build a federal abattoir, but he also wants to develop a meat processing plant for wild game and start a school to teach the slaughtering, meat cutting and processing trade.