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They showed us likewise the bloody robe which that archbishop of Paris wore who exposed his sacred person and braved the wrath of the insurgents of 1848, to mount the barricades and hold aloft the olive branch of peace in the hope of stopping the slaughter.
It is well," I answered unconcernedly; "we are weary of slaughter, and would sleep.
I will answer slaughter with law," the Commissioner replied.
But the slaughter in the body of the poems was terrifying.
I've seen shooting and slaughter, but I never saw anything like that.
The storm still continuing, he was obliged to slaughter his yoke oxen for food.
The country is more or less familiar with the history of that garrison, particularly with the slaughter by the Sioux of a detachment of eighty-one men and officers--not one escaping--through disobedience of orders by its commander, the brave but reckless Captain Fetterman.
I lived through three days of the Chicago Commune, and the vastness of it and of the slaughter may be imagined when I say that in all that time I saw practically nothing outside the killing of the people of the abyss and the mid-air fighting between sky-scrapers.
And so, taking courage, they set out in the darkness, and attacked the town, and took it with great slaughter.