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In details of cladding and fenestration, the house also acknowledges the significance of the street as a major focus; a move which enables it to take its place alongside its neighbours without slavishly mocking their gabled forms.
So why, in contempt of all the evidence, does American business remain so slavishly addicted to drug testing?
The Fosse style, as solidly inimitable as it is slavishly imitated, is a totally personal theatrical synthesis of so many elements--the jazz dance of Jack Cole, the antagonistic footlights stare of Anna Sokolow, the dramatic impact of Robbins, the traditional soft-shoe of vaudeville, the insecure bravura of Chaplin, the breezy sophistication of Astaire, the insouciant if sweaty acrobatics of Gene Kely.
Casiano Communications, which has grossed more than US$13 million in contracts with various Government agencies the past few years, also publishes Caribbean Business, a weekly tabloid which unfailingly paints a rosy picture of the island's economy, and slavishly defends the policies of the Rossello Administration.
Bugs Hardaway relied less slavishly on Thorson's Disney-honed expertise, but his debt to Thorson is still unmistakable.
a working document a source of ideas, questions and discussions - rather than a series of recipes to be slavishly followed".
But despite the limitations, he finds many of the commercial packages effective--as long as planners are knowledgeable and don't slavishly rely on the software.
Thus, as Cheryl Rubenberg tells us, President Bush might have disliked Yitzhak Shamir, but he nonetheless allowed his administration to adhere slavishly to peace proposals put forth by Shamir's government.
In making our short-run policy decisions, however, we should not adhere slavishly to the targets, in my judgment, when technical developments or institutional changes appear clearly to be altering the relationship between GDP growth and money growth--such as occurred in 1992, when nominal GDP grew at a rate of more than 5 1/2 percent while M2 grew at a rate of only 2 percent.
In composition classes, students wrote solemn pieces modeled slavishly on English originals.
Exxon is following Mitsui's recipe slavishly at first, and will seek to modify it later on.
"We seem to be slavishly adopting the NRL's ban, which legally doesn't make sense.