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But if we are to reject slavishness, why should we prefer sharing in rule with others over ruling them despotically?
After reading it, we do not wish to hesitate in the middle of nowhere; we know how hard it is to express a view, and know the incurable nature of slavishness. With "hope" in our hearts, we admire that rebellious warrior, that spear-throwing warrior, that man who speeds through glacial valleys to excavate fire, our hearts burn endlessly, because "he used his warmth to awaken us".
But for how long is this unfortunate nation to bear indignities after indignities inflicted on it incessantly by this inebriated superpower on account of our own rulers' shenanigans and slavishness? Is it written in the scriptures that they have to religiously genuflect and cringe before this arrogant superpower that has all though betrayed and ditched Pakistan at its critical hours after exploiting it to the bone for its own geopolitical objectives?
While this superfluity may at first appear to be mere slavishness to source material, a careful examination of the beard coat incidents supports Malory's deliberate and purposeful inclusion of both versions of the story in his work.
The ultimate proof of the timidity and slavishness of our leaders were evident in the smooth and almost celebratory burial of the Ordinance after Rahul's outburst.
It suggests viewing God in awe and wonder, not in belittling slavishness. God made everything beautiful in its time (3:11), and He also imbued it with mystery, has put eternity into man's mind, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end (3:11).
Tennyson, in an assertion about the sonic singularity of a language and its meter, the untranslatability of the sound-sense nexus, honorably discharges himself from a classical slavishness, and frees himself from imitation that is anyhow doomed to fail.
(27) Furthermore, when this interval "no longer logically connects before and after, organizing it into narrative continuity and temporal chronology, film unlocks a new sense of time experienced as an open ended possibility, one that escapes from the slavishness of the movement-image, from its sequential actions, from the inexorable progression of plot lines." (28) Therefore, just as Lockhart offers the intensity of prolonged duration in order to open our perceptual attention to alternate experiences of time and space, McQueen undoes the conventional temporal linearity of filmic experience.
After reciting the litany of violent storms and other issues, the church condemned "the slavishness of our political and business leaders to follow practices in Western countries that promote, in spite of examples that we clearly see in the West, divorce, resulting in more break-up of families and the dysfunctional growth of children, contraceptives, leading to more abortions, the use of condom, aggravating HIV-AIDS infection, and school sex education, bringing more promiscuity and teenage pregnancy."
But in her latest biography, the slavishness is excruciating.
On June 3, 1932, Miller informed his readers he would disappear from his "usual haunts for the next few months" and not to worry that "he had fallen into the iron grip of Reddy Haynes." In fact, he was heading to Russia to make a "documentary and historical film of Negro life minus the usual slavishness and clowning with which Americans invest their darker brothers." Miller proclaimed:
In less than ten seconds, however, Ah Q would walk away also satisfied that he had won, thinking that he was after all "number one in self-belittlement," and that after removing the "self-belittlement" what remained was still the glory of remaining "number one." (13-14) (13) This mode of responses must be shocking and puzzling to many as it signifies a rare combination of slavishness with a false sense of dignity, and resilience as well.