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Slay held various management positions within the insurance, wireless telecom, manufacturing and financial services industries.
Slay joined Diageo last February, prior to which he held a variety of commercial roles during a 13-year spell with PepsiCo in Europe and North America.
Steve Gannon, who is currently off-trade MD at Diageo GB, is to become European sales director, reporting to Slay.
Open Letter to Francis Slay, Mayor of the City of St.
During the first year of Slay's administration, the Post wrote 384 stories about Slay.
To implement the plan Pike asked the Linen Board to provide seed money for 100 to 200 slays and fly shuttles.
As part of the transaction, KMP and Slay Industries have entered into a joint venture agreement at the Kellogg Dock coal bulk terminal, in Modoc, Ill.
Slay was awarded the gold medal in the 76kg (167 pounds) weight division after Alexander Liepold of Germany was stripped of the medal by the International Olympic Committee last month after failing a drug test.
Twenty-four year-old Slay is favored to win a Medal in Sydney, but will have to dethrone "The Russian Nightmare," five-time world champion Bouvaisa Saitiev, to capture the Gold.
Slay added, "These are the stakes: whether consumers will continue to have unfettered access to the Internet or whether cable companies will be allowed to build systems that directly discriminate against independent providers.