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BEIRUT: The Zahle branch of the Kataeb (Phalange) Party marked Friday the fourth anniversary of the slaying of two party officials, amid calls for a united opposition.
Scott was arrested two days later, and the following month was charged with Gnerlich's slaying.
Antiviolence advocates identified a trend when they compared the trail murders with the December 1995 slayings of Michelle Abdill and Roxanne Ellis in Medford, Ore.
Garcia, an undocumented worker who already had been deported four times and was wanted on suspicion of attempted murder in Baldwin Park, was the prime suspect in March's slaying.
Matthew Williams and his younger brother, James Tyler Williams--both of whom go by their middle names--began a journey through the far right's violent netherworld that culminated July 19, when the brothers were charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of a gay couple near Redding, Calif.
An ex-convict faces life in prison without possibility of parole after he was convicted in the October 2003 slaying of a 71-year-old Littlerock man, who was bound and beaten in his home.
PALMDALE -- A $2,000 reward was offered by the city of Palmdale for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the slaying of a 34-year-old Lancaster man, sheriff's officials said Saturday.
Neighbor Mike McCrea, a city firefighter, helps LAPD investigators bring out three dogs left unharmed at the scene of a triple slaying in the 17000 block of Stare Street in Northridge.
LANCASTER -- A former security guard was ordered Tuesday to stand trial on a murder charge in the 2000 slaying of a Palmdale teenager at a Park and Ride lot he patrolled.
LANCASTER -- A former security guard accused of the 2000 slaying of a Palmdale teenager in a parking lot became a suspect after he told investigators he couldn't see her killer even though he watched her car roll backward when gunshots were fired from close range, a homicide detective testified Thursday.
LANCASTER -- A sheriff's deputy sent to the Palmdale Park and Ride lot where college student Michelle O'Keefe was shot to death six years ago testified Friday that the security guard suspected in the slaying seemed excited and talked rapidly.