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Now Panda was a man of gentle heart, who did not love war, and therefore it was thought that he was half-witted; and, because I loved Panda, when the question of his slaying came on, I and the chief Mapita spoke against it, and pleaded for him, saying that there was nothing to be feared at his hands who was a fool.
They were very warlike and very numerous, although they had long since adopted the policy of slaying all those among them whose wings did not show advanced development.
Always were they slaying those above them that they might rise in power and possessions, until at last came the more powerful than the others with a tas-ad all his own.
They would scatter our peoples across the face of Barsoom from the frozen north to the frozen south, hunting them down and slaying them, until this great nation remained only as a hated memory in the minds of men.
Only the superstitious terror engendered in him by the stories poured into his ears by the whites and blacks of the Russian's party kept him from leaping upon Tarzan with his warriors and slaying him forthwith, for he and his people were inveterate maneaters.
Antiviolence advocates identified a trend when they compared the trail murders with the December 1995 slayings of Michelle Abdill and Roxanne Ellis in Medford, Ore.
As in previous years, firearms continued to be the weapon most used in the slayings.
The couple's 27-year-old son, Scott, whom neighbors said lived at home, was not involved in the slayings, officials said.
The number of gang slayings has risen in other areas too, including the first gang murder in three years in the area patrolled by the Malibu/Lost Hills station, a jump from three to five slayings in Palmdale and an increase from six to seven homicides in Lancaster.
While the articles raise many of the same previously published questions about the officers' links to the unsolved slayings of Notorious B.
PANORAMA CITY - After two slayings in a week shattered a fragile truce between rival gangs - including a brazen shootout - the LAPD said Monday that it plans to flood the area with officers to prevent the violence from escalating.