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BASED on a novel that branded women in the military a sexual menace, The General's Daughter ties itself in knots trying to be politically correct yet sleazily exploitative at the same time.
Just as valid, but less publicized, was Nunn's argument that Tower had behaved sleazily in signing up as a consultant to defense contractors on arms control issues after he'd returned from a stint in Geneva as arms control negotiator-even if it couldn't be proven that Tower had provided his clients with classified inside dope.
He remains committed not only to perpetuating the whitewash of the dark, violent chapter his father had visited on the country, but, more sleazily, he has no compunction wallowing in the money his family had robbed from the Filipino people, whom he now thinks are dense and bovine enough to forget-so soon-the crimes associated with his surname, and thereby make him their VP.
The programme referenced David Lynch, and Geronte (Stephen Richardson) carried a Dennis Hopper oxygen mask; Lescaut (David Kempster, playing fabulously sleazily against type) was a hipster-thug.
Thank your pussy for me," he smirks sleazily, setting the tone for the film.
But it's sleazily compulsive, a dangerous place, full of sex and terror.
To flesh out what John Shrapnel's rather sleazily stentorian Caesar calls the "rabblement," Warner has cast more than 100 extras, a few of whom at the perf caught get so carried away with their 15 minutes of fame you might think the three-hour-plus staging was exclusively about them.
The young victim said he first realised he was at risk when the bogus cabbie stopped at traffic lights and sleazily asked him to get into the front of his vehicle.