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The corruption and sleaziness of this process is difficult to exaggerate.
Did the aesthetically sensitive emperor manage to siphon off the sleaziness of his enormities by transforming them into works of art?
Instead, entrenched by gerrymandered redistricting into what they envisioned would be a permanent majority, Republicans slid toward lax oversight, unbridled partisanship and rampant sleaziness, if not outright corruption.
Howard blows up the strip club stereotypes of strippers doing drugs, sleaziness and STDs and gives the reader an exclusive peek into the biz with a funny and absurd point of view.
Much of the media attention Canseco's book has received so far has focused on the questionable veracity of his locker-room revelations or the sheer sleaziness of his literary project.
s James Jesus Angleton than the awesomely vapid amateurism prevalent in Whitehall, let alone the sleaziness of actual British fellow-travellers.
But in their very sleaziness, in their decidedly uneuphoric insistence on the visibility of class, its injuries, and its violence, they give the lie to the fashionable fictions that MOMA and other art institutions are now so eager to promote.
The sleaziness of flower power district Haight Ashbury and the aggression of American drivers movement began, so I headed there hoping to catch a bit of the vibe, man.
This hard-hearted thriller is from a story by Jim Thompson, fuelled by an authentic air of desperation and sleaziness - and a superb Elmer Bernstein score.
Soares incorporates all elements of Brazilian society into this portrait of nineteenth-century Rio--the intellectual, artistic, and material sumptuousness of the court of Dom Pedro, the sleaziness of the poor neighborhoods, the busyness of the burgeoning bourgeoisie.