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Nice N Sleazy declined to comment but a source said: "What is going on in the tenement has become well-known and it's a problem.
Most of the tunes you've written deal with sleazy subjects and comical characters.
Today's PR professionals have moved away from the sleazy stereotypes of the dot-coin heyday.
For more than a decade, Phillips officials have come under fire from pro-family activists for allowing the Circle K outlets to carry sleazy magazines of the Playboy and Penthouse genre.
VOTERS consider Labour's image to be significantly more sleazy than that of the Tories, according to a poll.
Americans United, which has monitored CAN for the past 11 years, said the action was a typically sleazy move by the group and its president, Martin Mawyer, a former employee of the Rev.
Similar impulses - to make strange, to subvert conventional notions of fashion - lie behind such recent images as Ellen von Unwerth's deliberately vulgar Water Bed, 1996, its postmodern Olympia a splay-legged woman in black pumps set in a sleazy ivory bedroom environment of intense kitsch.
Carnivals catered to the dark side of man's need for spectacle by allowing people to escape temporarily from their dull everyday lives into a world that was dark, sleazy, and seemingly dangerous.
But abandoning your professed ideals for sleazy work 90 percent of the time so you can afford to champion them 10 percent of the time, only makes you about 10 percent less sleazy than your competitor who possesses no ideals at all.
She said: "I felt uncomfortable and found Neil sleazy.
Irvine Welsh has told how he got an earbashing from his mother - over James McAvoy's transformation from a clean-cut star to sleazy cop.