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The duo had to select a sled that they were more used to.
Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association players played a rugged brand of hockey on their ice sleds during the eighth annual "The Sleds Are Coming" event.
As if barreling down an icy track at high speed in a bobsled isn't enough of a thrill, try doing it headfirst on sled a little bigger than a cookie sheet--that's the sport of para-skeleton.
Those who choose to go sledding must also make wise choices about where they sled, how many people they put on a sled, and how fast they can go down a hill and still maintain control.
Potential licensees in the lawn and garden accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Wheel Barrow Sled on a worldwide basis.
Deen has made no secret of his preference for the four-man competition in which teammate John Jackson and his GB1 sled will start as genuine medal contenders.
To build a faster sled, designers need to understand the forces that control its lightning-fast trip down a track, says Paul Doherty.
Tracing its roots to 1883, Hunt, Helm, Ferris was a relative newcomer in the sled industry.
From cani–cross it's an easier step to dog sled racing on wheeled rigs.
The sled base is nothing more than a slab of MDF cut into a 24 x 18-in.
When I prune, I pile the branches on the sled and pull it to the dumpster.