sleep at

See: lodge, reside
References in classic literature ?
And even if one have all the virtues, there is still one thing needful: to send the virtues themselves to sleep at the right time.
Of course the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger were still there, but they, having also eaten some of the cakes, had gone to sleep at one side of the cave, while upon the other side stood the Sawhorse, motionless and silent, as became a mere thing of wood.
The circumstance that, waking from a deep sleep at night in the midst of a forest, he had spoken aloud a name that he had not in memory and hardly had in mind did not arouse an enlightened curiosity to investigate the phenomenon.
I," answered Mazarin, "I shall not sleep at all; I have work to do.
The devil take Mazarin, who does not know when to sleep at the proper time.
And without more words, he rolled on his face in a deep heather bush, and seemed to sleep at once.
If I don't sleep at once, chloral, the modern Morpheus
Tomorrow she goes; tonight, with your permission, she would like to sleep at Howards End.
I am afraid that your sister had better sleep at the hotel.
My rule through life has been never to pay the least attention to threats, and I can only repeat what I said before: I do not give you and your sister leave to sleep at Howards End.
When the judgment of those witches was done with, I went and laid me down to sleep while it was yet light, for I can scarcely sleep at all when darkness has swallowed up the world.
If people chronically chose to not get enough sleep at night, then that could make their appetites go way up, their consumption go way up, and that could lead to being overweight and obese," warns Jim Gangwisch, an epidemiologist at Columbia University Medical Center.