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Acute medical illness is associated with greater sleep fragmentation, less TST and less SWS or REM sleep (26).
Another viable possibility is that apnea/hypopnea-associated sleep fragmentation, rather than hypoxia per se, negatively affects neurological and neuropsychological outcomes.
Finally, in certain nightmare patients who are already suffering chronic and severe sleep fragmentation or deprivation from an occult and undiagnosed OSA condition, it is conceivable that exposure therapy produces an intolerable stress load that increases risk for worse outcomes.
The researchers stated their hypothesis as setting the PSV level to the patient's ventilatory need would diminish sleep fragmentation when compared to assist control ventilation (ACV).
Clinical sequelae of OSA result from the hypoxemia and sleep fragmentation (2).
The effect of sleep fragmentation on daytime function.
Habitual snoring may affect the snorer's health and performance during the day by causing the snorer to arouse or suffer sleep fragmentation (repetitive arousal from sleep); it is also a source of disturbance for the snorer's bed partner.
In patients with osteoarthritis (OA), more than half experience pain during the night, resulting in sleep disruption, poor sleep quality, sleep fragmentation and frequent shifts between sleep stages.
A study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology revealed a connection between impaired hGH levels and sleep fragmentation.
Measures of sleep-related intermittent hypoxemia, but not sleep fragmentation, were independently associated with all-cause mortality.
As discussed above, OSA-related factors such as increased sympathetic activity, sleep fragmentation and intermittent hypoxia are demonstrated to contribute to the development of metabolic dysregulation in terms of insulin resistance (IR) and leptin resistance (LR) (35).
associate clinical professor at the University of Colorado Medical School system and director of the Sleep Disorders Center of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, the decline in frequency of nightmare recall may be attributed to the sleep fragmentation that is caused by OSA.