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Regulars at one popular pub will now be able to sleep off their hangovers on the premises.
Teesside Coroner Michael Sheffield said it was likely the unemployed joiner had decided to sleep off the alcohol in the cemetery.
They have gained powerful political allies who operate in very different ways from the power brokers described in Behrman's book, and they are generating a not-so-quiet and persistent rebellion that is revolutionizing the drug industry while we sleep off our hangovers and deal with our indigestion.
The apartments overlook the pool and sun terrace where all dedicated sun-worshippers can sleep off the night before.
Now two servant girls outside Kostroma, their skirts tucked up, Can wade in the pond with their nets, arguing, And the farmhand can sleep off his vodka in the shade of the fence As the hero's carriage totters up.
He then returns home and locks himself in the bedroom to "do the wrapping", ie sleep off his boozy afternoon.
Crooks had taken Davies to his stepfather John Brocklesby's home, in Cobden Street, to sleep off the alcohol.
Mr Atwal said blood was discovered on the vehicle and traced to Morris who admitted he had been drunk at the time and attempted to get into the vehicle to sleep off his drunken condition.
He had to sleep off his stupor in the cells before he could be charged.
Up to 50 binge drinkers at a time, who are unable to make their own way home, will be able to sleep off the alcohol in a room at the Guildhall on the Quayside.
At first glance an all-night clinic where worse for wear revellers can sleep off the booze seems to be encouraging rather than discouraging binge-drinking.