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It is understood any drunk tank would take the form of a room supervised by a member of staff where people who were "drunk and incapable" could safely sleep off the effects of alcohol.
People would be treated in the Millennium Stadium then put into the tent to sleep off alcohol for a few hours in a warm environment.
Earlier today Corinne was still trying to sleep off her illness.
The apartments overlook the pool and sun terrace where all dedicated sun-worshippers can sleep off the night before.
Spending under this scenario would get a noticeable boost towards the end of 1999, but would probably lag in early 2000 as consumers sleep off their spending hangovers.
A DRUNKEN dad let his eight-year-old son drive him AND his young daughter while he tried to sleep off the booze, US cops revealed yesterday.
She'd spent 48 hours in bed trying to sleep off what she thought was a stomach bug.
He said Carly was a strong-willed girl in the grip of an addiction to heroin and said Townsend genuinely believed she would sleep off the drug.
Mr Atwal said blood was discovered on the vehicle and traced to Morris who admitted he had been drunk at the time and attempted to get into the vehicle to sleep off his drunken condition.
Up to 50 binge drinkers at a time, who are unable to make their own way home, will be able to sleep off the alcohol in a room at the Guildhall on the Quayside.
At first glance an all-night clinic where worse for wear revellers can sleep off the booze seems to be encouraging rather than discouraging binge-drinking.
Because patients must be driven by someone else and then must sleep off the effects of the sedation, it's most appropriate for those needing significant dental work.