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The Rabbi and Senator Sleep Together chronicles the lives of two of Denver's well known public figures, Rabbi Steven Foster and former Senator and Denver City Council member, Joyce Foster.
As the summer goes on, Lynn is confronted by much more than she expected from dull, neon-lit Albuquerque: her strange yet strong attraction to the red-haired, smiling Angus (they drink gin and sleep together in cheap motels); her affinity for Wylie's gang of eco-militants; her mother's new boyfriend; and finally the discovery of two mysterious paintings tucked away under her mother's bed that sparks Lynn's waning interest in her dissertation.
In fact, most of the show's audience spent all of season three waiting for the bickering detectives to sleep together, despite Maddie being wooed by anther man, Sam (Mark Harmon).
Max questioned Joe about how he decided that it was OK to sleep with his girlfriend; and if it was OK for them, maybe it was OK for Max and his girlfriend to sleep together, too.
Rangers say that Owen looks to the tortoise as a mother figure: They swim, eat, and sleep together.
The issue of government is not to determine who may sleep together in the bedroom; it's to help those that might not be eating in the kitchen.
It's very dangerous to sleep together on a sofa, armchair or settee.
For example, young green iguanas often move about in groups and sleep together, and crocodiles exhibit some parental care.
One of them should move out of the apartment, they should not sleep together in the time remaining before the marriage, they should go to Confession the day before the marriage so they don't receive the sacrament in the state of mortal sin.
At first it angers her to see him again, but she relents because she is "wasted" and they sleep together.
For instance, we were doing a scene where Bruce and Cate's characters have just met and have to sleep together in the same room.
EastEnders Dean and Lauren sleep together, but she's upset he only wants a casual relationship.