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A new study published by the journal Sleep found that people who ate a high-fat diet--fried foods, full-fat dairy, meats and pastries--felt sleepier during the day than those who didn't indulge.
Younger nurses on day shift reported waking more often during their sleep periods and being sleepier, and rated their overall global sleep health higher (GSQS=31.
The auctioneer then stood on the running board of each truck and used a cane to prod the sleepier piglets to stand up, so the prospective buyers could get a look at them.
But leeward Oahu carries you back to a sleepier, rural Hawaii.
Pula is Istria's largest city, and its bustling streets offer a welcome vitality after the undeniably picturesque but sleepier towns of the interior.
People are usually sleepier, less focused and not to mention hungry towards the end of the day and do not want to be a minute late for iftar," she added.
And the baby will be sleepier so it can make breast-feeding harder.
As we age, our circadian rhythms tend to shift toward a more "early to bed, early to rise" pattern, meaning we get sleepier earlier in the evening.
As Nicholas Barber put it in The Independent, "the film [is] soft, warm, doughy comfort food" with an "air of complacency [made] even sleepier by the wealth and privilege which slosh around the characters, a regular annoyance in Meyers' films.
They started off not too badly, making just as many mistakes as the light lunchers for the first half hour but after that there was no doubt that they were sleepier.
across the street from the Watergate complex, yards from the Kennedy Center, and a couple blocks from the State Department; the Israeli embassy is in sleepier upper northwest, a few blocks from my synagogue and a few more from my high school.
She stated that he had not had any fever, or diarrhea, and she was concerned that he seemed sleepier than usual.