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The insurance industry is notable for some of the sleepiest Web sites imaginable.
The bottom line is, the right mix of sleeper stocks early in the year could rouse even the sleepiest of portfolios.
It is important to be aware that young drivers are most likely to be the sleepiest on Friday afternoon and evening.
St Kitts, the formal name for which is "St Christopher", and Nevis are described as being two of the sleepiest places in the Caribbean and one of the few countries in the region where agriculture still has a larger part in the economy than tourism.
Her ailment could not be seen in any microscope; it was a mild but ever-deepening tiredness, a dim weighting of her sparrow body; sleepy, sleepier, sleepiest.
A trigger mechanism on the canister is actuated via a tripwire or pressure pad so when an intruder activates the device a loud aural report is produced, sufficient to wake even the sleepiest guard, and the immediate area is rapidly illuminated by a bright flare.
The Welsh are the biggest shoppers, people in the south-west are the most house-proud, the Scots are the sleepiest and Londoners the most square- eyed.
And there was a feistiness to her that could energize the sleepiest mortal.
The sleepiest market was Brazil, which was in stark contrast to last year when it represented the busiest market in the world because of the massive privatization of the state-owned telephone company, Telebras.
With lower fees, easier documentation and faster service, Cooper says the WSE is poised to exploit its market niche, turning Canada's sleepiest little trading space into a useful capital market for small- to medium-sized businesses in the process.
Only the sleepiest of readers could read these texts without feeling, at some even pre-verbal level, that they are being subjected to a critique of the way they read.