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The away dressing room was painted pink in the hope of lowering opposition testosterone levels, but Krul's errors would have been seized upon by the sleepiest of sides.
As a marketer, Ikea ranks among the best, and its strong output has continued of late with headline-grabbing efforts including ads for women to pee on (pregnant participants received discounted cribs) and the "sleepiest print ad ever," which used scented ink and a tiny white-noise speaker to promote beds.
Mid-August through early September is historically the sleepiest
Netflix did announce that it ( topped 100 million subscribers  just three weeks into the second quarter, putting it on a good pace to exceed its outlook during its seasonally sleepiest period.
Interesting because the level of competition is going to increase manifold, both for customers as well as for talent, transforming even the sleepiest areas in financial services; profitable because new technologies, information, and new techniques will open up vastly new business opportunities and customers; and challenging because competition and novelty constitute a particularly volatile mix in terms of risk," Dr.
What Vagnone and Ryan call the 'sleepiest corner of the museum world' has, according to them, little interest in its audiences and communities, as opposed to its lovingly preserved buildings and collections.
Then again - certainly as far as television dramas go - it seems the sleepiest villages often harbour the darkest secrets.
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Make no mistake, this is no bedtime story--it will wake the sleepiest child if you try to read it in the evening--but it is one of those books which work best when they are read aloud, possibly to a larger audience who will love to get involved and play with it.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been one of the sleepiest federal regulatory agencies for the past decade, under both Presidents George W.