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You don't understand," rejoined the Shaggy Man, sleepily.
Finally the queen was under much longer than ever before, and when she rose she came alone and swam sleepily toward her bowlder.
Jerry, sitting between Nalasu's knees and nodding sleepily, gave the first warning to Nalasu, who sat outside his door, wide-eyed, ear- strung, as he had sat through all the nights of the many years.
I'll prob'ly get lots of rest tomorrow, when I become an orn'ment," said Dorothy, sleepily.
It is evident that Johnson talked, on the whole, better than he wrote, that the present stimulus of other active minds aroused him to a complete exertion of his powers, but that in writing, his indolence often allowed him to compose half sleepily, at a low pressure.
Tarzan grinned sleepily, changed his position and fell asleep again.
The donkeys galloped, the wagon rolled on smoothly, the boys slept (Lamp-Wick snored like a dormouse) and the little, fat driver sang sleepily between his teeth.
The moon was above, lustrous and serene; vehicles and pedestrians were few; sparrows twittered sleepily in the eaves--for a little while the scene might have been a country churchyard.
But now came on the May-fly season; the soft, hazy summer weather lay sleepily along the rich meadows by Avon side, and the green and gray flies flickered with their graceful, lazy up- and-down flight over the reeds and the water and the meadows, in myriads upon myriads.
I'll just bet it's my luck to have some inquisitive cuss come buttin' in here on my pasture," he mumbled sleepily that night as he pulled the blankets up to his chin.
Mugridge was sleepily spluttering that he was a gentleman's son.
Kouzma, waked up by her, came sidling sleepily out onto the steps.