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Walter Thompson, agrees sleeping around alone doesn't help in making it to the top.
According to the Daily Star, Matty Pearce from Bristol has been a guest on the ITV talk show multiple times to discuss sleeping around, being a love-struck romantic, a drug user and the victim of a scheming ex-girlfriend.
I RECENTLY heard that two younger friends of my 15-yearold daughter are now "sleeping around".
Since then, she's been sleeping around. When I spoke to her about it, she said it was none of my business but I found out from one of her friends that she caught an sexually transmitted infection.
"I think sometimes, I don't know, if you are promiscuous and are just sleeping around that people can take things from you.
SLEEPING around is one way to blot out the pain of a failed marriage.
He goes off to fight in the Middle East and becomes horrible, and she goes off the rails, sleeping around and ending up in a mental hospital.
Namerican star Eddie Murphy is rumoured to have hired at least one private detective to spy on his then girlfriend Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) to see if she was sleeping around.
He then phoned her at their Southport home while under a restraining order, accusing her of sleeping around.
According to a friend of a friend who worked on the Harry Potter film, the old Irish thesp is still sleeping around, but this time it's alone in his chair on set.
QI SUSPECT that my husband is sleeping around. He is in the forces and says he once had sex with another woman.
Q MY 17-year-old daughter is bringing shame on the family by sleeping around. She's the talk of the village.