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On more than one occasion he stayed in bed most of the day, sleeping off the previous night's excesses, so he was probably glad to get home.
Actor Mark McGann: "I was sleeping off a performance the night before at the Everyman.
Extreme sports fan Pritchard made the vow on New Year's Day when he decided he was 'bored' with downing Jack Daniels in nightclubs, then spending most of his weekends in bed sleeping off the excess.
He revealed that he had attacked the victim with an iron bar after he had woken from sleeping off liquor to find the man sexually molesting him.
I was sleeping off a hangover on one of the middle seats in the van when lots of commotion and sudden movements woke me.
A soused actress is sleeping off a bender while patriarch Grandpa turns over a plot to defraud the IRS.
Let's review: A lot of the last few years has been sleeping off the hangover of headier, dot-corn days.
He'd spotted Neil slumped against a lampost still sleeping off his heavy night on the town.
Our sleep is wrecked throughout the night and when we're getting up the students are sleeping off their hang-overs.
Even now, he is probably at a London hotel sleeping off jetlag.
THE most Earth-like planet outside the solar system has just been discovered - sleeping off a hangover.
So that's how Sunday was spent - daughter and pals sleeping off an all-nighter, son oblivious to the worry he'd caused and me and Mrs R tootling around the Lakes, listening to Paul O'Grady on Radio 2.