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The phrase 'sleeping partner' rings true here and the clichA[c] is a literal one for many couples.
Biden is clearly not going to be a sleeping partner in the administration.
4 JEZ Quigley told Steve that he had killed Tony and he'd be next if he didn't let him use the taxi firm he'd invested in as a sleeping partner for drugs.
Although a director, Stephen is a 'sleeping partner' and it's Adrienne who does the lion's share of the work.
Down under in Home and Away, Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) becomes the latest victim of the Summer Bay stalker while in Neighbours, the crooked developers trying to take over Ramsay Street decide it would be better if their sleeping partner Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) never wakes up again...
Joyce was the sleeping partner in that stand but he played with more assurance in a seventh-wicket partnership of 94 with Ben Scott which continued Middlesex's recovery.
He does not want to be a sleeping partner. This is meant as a public relations exercise for him."
But the Coventry midfielder, more of a sleeping partner in the venture, is content to leave two other co-directors to run things as he concentrates on getting his career back on track after suffering his own 'annus horribilis' in 2003.
Auto Space Saver Fabrications, based in Coleshill, has been run by 35-year-old Dawn Butler (right) with her mother Violet Mathews as a sleeping partner for the last four years.
Steve is fed-up with married life already and, well, it looks like he may be Sharon's sleeping partner soon in more ways than one.
Tony Zeccola, Palace's managing director, agrees he wishes his partner had not decided to move into his territory, but says, "They really are a sleeping partner; we treat them as another competitor."
It has since made a pounds 115million fortune for sleeping partner McGlinn - more than the hard-working Roddicks' combined worth.