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She added: "He is deeply ashamed of his actions, but one thing he did tell me was that he had taken a sleeping pill and he was under the influence of that when the offence occurred.
HIDDEN AGONY J More islanders now take sleeping pills
In the US, where this study was carried, up to 10% of the adult population took sleeping pills in 2010.
The associations between sleeping pills and increased mortality were present, and relatively stronger, even in people aged 18 to 54," said Dr.
A short course of sleeping pills may still be an option, under your doctor's supervision, and they can be useful for breaking a pattern of night-waking, Dr.
Sleeping pills generally fall into two categories: those aimed at helping you fall asleep and those to help you stay asleep longer.
The 28-year-old Australian actor was found dead in his New York City apartment yesterday, surrounded by sleeping pills.
He estimated that the mortality risk from nightly use of sleeping pills is equivalent to that from smoking two packs of cigarettes per day.
Tired of feeling tired, millions turn to sleeping pills (or hypnotics, as these medications are known).
It doesn't work like other sleeping pills," says Murcia.
Kolkata: Suspended Trinamool Congress (TMC) member of parliament and former journalist Kunal Ghosh, accused in the Saradha chit fund scam, allegedly tried to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills in the early hours of Friday
But you can use it as well as your usual sleeping pill.