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We are much less reluctant to use these sleeping tablets than we were the old ones.
One of the most frequent requests I had as a GP was for sleeping tablets to help someone through a very upsetting time, often the death of a loved one.
The court heard the businessman, who runs a familyowned firm employing 13 people, "completely blacked out" after mixing drink with an Ambien sleeping tablet.
I rarely prescribe any type of sleeping tablet for more than a few weeks at a time.
Patients are being weaned off sleeping tablets in a major campaign to reduce dependency on the prescribed drugs in Darlington.
The Cricadin sleeping tablets and Equasym medication - used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - were taken during a break-in.
Research shows more people buy sleeping tablets and herbal remedies there than anywhere else in the UK.
He'd taken a mixture of 14 sleeping tablets and six paracetamol.
The dopey but deft offender burgled the student digs after taking sleeping tablets.
Some people are stirred from slumber for unnecessary observations or even woken up to be given sleeping tablets, nurses said.
A man fitting the same description demanded the same brand of sleeping tablets.
Your doctor can prescribe sleeping tablets for short-term use, so you don't become dependent.