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I cannot however refrain from blaming Menelaus, much as I love him and respect him--and I will say so plainly, even at the risk of offending you--for sleeping and leaving all this trouble to yourself.
The guards who watch the women remain in the corridor outside the sleeping chamber, while female slaves pace back and forth among the sleepers within, ready to notify the warriors should their presence be required.
How she could get three goats and a sleeping mat out of the village and through the jungle to the cave of Bukawai, she did not know, but that she would do it somehow she was quite positive--she would do it or die.
All property among the green Martians is owned in common by the community, except the personal weapons, ornaments and sleeping silks and furs of the individuals.
For the rest of the night he lay on me and across me, and sometimes his feet were at the bottom of the bed and sometimes on the pillow, but he always retained possession of my finger, and occasionally he woke me to say that he was sleeping with me.
One of his feet was doubled partially beneath him, while the other was still entangled in the sleeping silks and furs upon the dais.
The Sleeping Beauty would never have him, even if he did," said Dab-Dab.
She found him sleeping heavily, and all her efforts to awaken him were of no avail.
Lifting the sleeping man's head, he forced it down his throat.
Passing the sleeping peasants and reaching the first reeds, Levin examined his pistols and let his dog off.
A NEGRO in a boat, gathering driftwood, saw a sleeping Alligator, and, thinking it was a log, fell to estimating the number of shingles it would make for his new cabin.
A servant girl, sleeping in the next room, heard nothing.