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Now hundreds of parents have been condemned to hell, waiting sleeplessly to hear if George will name the babies she abused.
We had a small hut nearby river; very often, we had to spend the night sleeplessly.
It would not be wrong to state that that since most of us have not been tested, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to vigorously argue that we, the Ethiopians at home and abroad who are restlessly, relentlessly and sleeplessly demanding basic rights and freedoms for individual members of Ethiopian society, including a dramatic improvement in living conditions, could not behave in similar ways, just as inhuman and destructive as those two individuals, had we been given the opportunity to rule.
However, Harper spent her last three days sleeplessly, waiting for the earliest possibility of returning back to her country.
After family members retreat to their own rooms, the mother watches a porn video given by her extramarital lover, Hsiao-kang massages his neck with his mother's vibrator, and the father lies sleeplessly in his bed hearing the irrepressible sounds of the porn video and vibrator emanating from the other rooms.
In his last few days, back in Gotham, he struck a lonely figure in tattered jeans and a hoodie, treading sleeplessly after dawn to local cafes for breakfast.
The Home Front" came from a backstage conversation with a soldier's wife that results in a snapshot of a young woman, mother to a 2-year-old girl, who paces the floor sleeplessly while the television says, "they ain't found a reason yet.
And here are the other writers who swirl around you, like friends, patient, intimate, sleeplessly accessible, over centuries.
By inputting height, weight, mattress preference, and sleep pattern data, trained professionals have helped the sleeplessly addled to determine the key to a perfect night's sleep.