sleight of hand

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though, if you know where to look, the sleight of hand is evident.
This morsel of information points to the provocative subtexts and symbiotic relationships in images created with impressive sleight of hand.
In a subtle sleight of hand, by pulling one edge of the hall back from the site border, Leiviska also manages to preserve a quartet of ancient pine trees on the south-east edge of the site.
CONTROVERSIAL comic and sleight of hand expert Jerry Sadowitz is casting a spell over the festival as a magic impresario.
And the media has had a field day reporting on waves of financial shenanigans, cooked books, abusive tax shelters and sleight of hand accounting.
The deliciously subversive sleight of hand they've pulled off on Middle America was never more apparent than after Roy's injury.
It's done with an old-fashioned sleight of hand called a batch file--something lots of people used before Windows painted over simple DOS commands, such as "copy teabiscuit.
If any private corporation had engaged in such patterns of malfeasance, fraud, and megabuck sleight of hand, it would have been punished by its customers, shareholders, and employees long before the government got involved.
Any appeal to the usual sources of Christian authority were whisked away with the sleight of hand of "interpretation.
Using his talent for sleight of hand, he and his 'magic gang' created a series of illusions to confuse the enemy, including platoons of dummy tanks, and a fake harbour to draw attention away from the real target.
Immersion uses some programming sleight of hand to achieve its effects, but the hardware is pretty straightforward.
Unsubstantiated observations, from a man reported to be so frightened that he could not be named or photographed, were sandwiched between examples of sleight of hand on the casino table and under-age purchase of lottery scratchcards.