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Sometimes it was said the Slender Man was a killer, who would disembowel his victims.
Angie said her daughter had spoken to her about Slender Man and talked about it with her.
M2 PHARMA-January 19, 2016-Svelte Medical Systems Launches Slender Coronary Stent-On-A-Wire IDS in Europe
PAEDOPHILES are using the creepy images of fictional character The Slender Man to target children.
Full of confidence going into the game, Liverpool settled into their rhythm quickly as they established a slender lead.
IS this the first picture of the feared Slender Man, the elongated, latchkey spectre that is said to have entered homes in a former Staffordshire mining town?
Also known as "whitelined cod," "whitelined grouper" and "whitelined rockcod," slender groupers have elongated bodies and rounded tails.
Sweden, July 27 -- In the modern world, it is almost accepted as gospel truth: the ideal shape of a woman is slender, either with an hourglass shape or a curve.
Dexiophoba absent; laephoba poorly developed between haptolechus and inner side of laeotorma, formed by 41-43 slightly slender setae.
Most dancers are slender, but is that because tutus only come in smaller sizes?
From this second category comes Slender Man, a spindly, tall, faceless man in a dark suit--and in some interpretations, tentacles coming from his back.