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None of the Fuze beverages contain the artificial sweetener aspartame (NutraSweet), though the Slenderize line does contain sucralose (Splenda) and acesulfame potassium (Sweet One).
As for energy drinks, The Juice Doctor is promoting its Hydration Fix drinks, which will be available at stand SS4614, and Infuzions' Zipp Slenderize will be found on stand ST4715.
Functional Beverage Brands: Slenderize, Refresh, Tea, Vitalize
Dragonfruit Lime and Blueberry Raspberry, added to the Slenderize line, deliver L-carnitine, Super Citrimax, chromium and vitamin C to boost energy levels and help users get slender.
For those seeking a great-tasting low calorie beverage option, there are five FUZE Slenderize varieties available that are formulated with Super Citrimax[R], L-Carnitine and Chromium.
Available from 5 June, Slenderize with vitamin C, chromium and Super-Citrimax--an extract from the South Asian garcinia combogia fruit--is positioned as curbing appetite, burning fat and increasing energy levels and comes in orange mango, apple elderflower and strawberry melon flavours.
The acquisition comprises all Fuze beverages, including the Vitalize, Refresh, Tea and Slenderize lines: WaterPlus.
Someone with his body type should opt for a dark suit, which slenderizes the silhoutte, rather than suit separates that involve a light-colored bottom.