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Style head broad, with flat to concave (sometimes conical to slenderly conical) apex, tapering below into narrow neck above ovaries (more or less sessile in Eustegia, Emicocarpus); caudicles frequently with projecting hooks and ridges assisting in insertion of pollinium in guide rail; ovary apocarpous, mostly superior.
Slenderly built in his monk's robe, this thirtyish-looking Buddhist, it turned out, was one of several Americans who had joined the community.
5-4 cm, many flowered, the upper ones sessile; Floral bracts subtriangular-orbicular, acute and slenderly long mucronate, pungent, erect to suberect-recurved toward the apex, distinctly exceeding the sepals and slightly shorter than the extended petals, 18-20 x 15-17 mm, including the 6-10 mm long apical mucron, thinly coriaceous, pale castaneous-yellow outside, sparsely and inconspicuously white lepidote with filamentous trichomes, but soon glabrous, greenish inside and toward the base, distinctly nerved mainly toward the apex, sometimes corrugate, entire or remotely denticulate, strongly convex, ecarinate.
3 moving slenderly doorwards, assured, reassuring, leaving a trace, of certainty, promise broader than slender tapir's disappearing sturdy back, the you can only take my word for it, a life, a phase, beyond the known geography, beyond familiar inward, outward, outward, inward.
Although this dynamic is familiar to many seriously ill patients, it forms an especially apt introduction to one who has ever but slenderly known her feelings.
Masterful are such sexual images as a tongue of land slenderly penetrating into the sea (2:14), the narrowwell deeply piercing the earth down to the desired water (3:9), et cetera.
Lear may "hath ever but slenderly known himself," but Walker, who is 71, brims with self-knowledge that he reveals in conversation as easily as if he were discussing his next role.
8 mm wide at the base, narrowly triangular, slenderly attenuate, channeled, involute, cinereous lepidote, the margins covered with asymmetric trichomes.
Always living for the moment in a kind of colossal narcissistic bubble, Lear "hath," according to his daughter Regan, "ever but slenderly known himself" (1.
Plant forming rosettes of about 13-17 leaves, rosettes in groups of up to ten individuals, slenderly infundibuliform.
The stigma is compact, simple-erect, with short, wide blades; or the stigmatic blades are slenderly tubular and conduplicate at extreme apex.