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Similar to static testing, the slenderness ratio (lengih/diameier) of the specimen should be crucially considered during the high-strain rate test.
The third explains methodological rigor and substantive slenderness, and relates to the second and the third implications--also noted above--for Macro Public Administration Theory.
The mast itself can be also geometrically nonlinear due its slenderness and due to the substantial wind loading.
The overall massing is spilt into two thin towers emphasizing verticality and slenderness.
The cult of slenderness, or fat phobia, too often creates a sense of hopelessness in those who cannot keep up with the severe criteria causing self-destruction.
In (Maciulevicius 1964, 1966) the cross-sections and the layout of the bars are optimized, when the coordinates of the nodes are known, and the assumptions are made that the radii of the cross-sections and slenderness ratios of the bars do not vary.
Her slenderness in her ankles and her arms, and particularly at the waist, kept me silent while she held her small head and talked on of her dream of thick rivers branching outward to flood our goat pastures.
In a land that cherishes "big," we could be fooled to think that the slenderness of this book, written by a woman who is Cherokee, Dutch, and Irish, about personal spiritual ceremonies, is of minor significance.
JANE Fonda, an icon of female beauty and slenderness, has always devoted herself to taking care of her body, her face and her appearance.
Through this tragedy we are reminded not just of the fragility and the slenderness of human existence, but the human cost of economic lives, and of course the sudden changes that can happen," he said.
Here, she examines how Hollywood images of bodily perfection and slenderness contribute to the phenomenon of eating disorders, through screen identification on the part of the spectator.
Consumers are expected to conform to unrealistic cultural ideals of slenderness and they are simultaneously enticed to indulge in abundant, highly caloric, processed food," the authors wrote.