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The percentage decrease in the deflection of the composite column having slenderness ratio of 40 is about 6.
Leaf slenderness also reflected the salinity gradient and had the lowest values at the River site and the highest value at the Beach site.
Through the performance of selflessness and the denial of appetites, Polly's body consequently embodies the beautiful slenderness associated with ideal femininity (Silver 2004, 111).
0 m, the shear parameter S and the slenderness ratio [lambda] of the cantilever column model are evaluated as 2.
The third explains methodological rigor and substantive slenderness, and relates to the second and the third implications--also noted above--for Macro Public Administration Theory.
The mast itself can be also geometrically nonlinear due its slenderness and due to the substantial wind loading.
Slenderness could help win royal hearts, but it may not extend your life.
While their opponents were never able to pull away, nor did they feel pressure from anything other than the slenderness of their lead.
The slenderness S of the separated layer is calculated for a given speed of exploitation [upsilon] (Fig.
Moreover, this same body type was exemplified by other Jewish Salomes: Bernhardt, Rubinstein, and Nazimova were all spectacularly, and, at times, notoriously thin, and were culturally prized (or condemned) for this slenderness.
The overall massing is spilt into two thin towers emphasizing verticality and slenderness.
The cult of slenderness, or fat phobia, too often creates a sense of hopelessness in those who cannot keep up with the severe criteria causing self-destruction.