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When the morning came, and the effect of the opium had been all slept off, you would wake as absolutely ignorant of what you had done in the night as if you had been living at the Antipodes.
They slept off their grog on the best of feather-beds, and they fattened on the neighborhood all the year round.
Bloxam, who had slept off the remains of his beer on the previous night at Corcoran's, had left for his work at Poplar at five o'clock that morning.
There was even a bank holiday Monday lined up so their supporters could have slept off the mother of all hangovers.
Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the 28-year-old Egyptian murdered his Asian victim after discovering that the man had raped him several times while he slept off bouts of heavy drinking.
The UK Civil Aviation Authority revealed that their co-pilots had been on the flight deck at the time and both had been alone in the cockpit when they slept off.