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Slew dragged an early shot from inside the penalty area wide and at the other end Bees striker Gary Alexander headed inches over the bar.
This initial offering of current feedback amps is ideally suited for a variety of high performance video, cable driver and high frequency applications where high slew rates and wide -3dB bandwidths are critical factors.
Slew smacked the gate at the start of the Kentucky Derby and slammed into Get the Axe.
Life At The Top, Capote, Slew City Slew, Fast Play, Seattle Meteor, Hail Atlantis, Seaside Attraction, A.
Ultra is the most advanced and powerful whole-body open-MRI system available with its unique MRI gradient field technology featuring amplitude of 25 mT/m (milli-Tesla per meter) and the industry's best slew rate of 100 T/m/s (Tesla per meter per second).
Does it bother the Taylors that Seattle Slew would no longer be the only horse to have been undefeated at the time he completed a Triple Crown sweep?
The Vantage features one of the industry's shortest magnets at 140 cm with linear 30 mT/m (milliTesla per meter) gradient strength and a slew rate of 50 mT/m/s (milliTesla per meter per second) for the base configuration (the Vantage AGV) or 30 mT/m gradient strength with a slew rate 130 mT/m/s for the Vantage XGV.
Thursday's news means that for the 24th year in a row, the reigning champion 2-year-old will not win the Derby, a streak that began after the 1977, 1978 and 1979 Derby victories by Seattle Slew, Affirmed and Spectacular Bid.
CFA Family Also Delivers Fast Slew Rates up to 4500 V/us
Back in action: Seattle Slew, who underwent neck surgery in April, will return to the breeding shed next year at Three Chimneys Farm in Midway, Ky.