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JAILED: Anthony Doran sliced off the top third of his victim's ear
She then tied him to a bed and, when he woke up, she sliced off his manhood with a 10-inch knife before forcing it into the garbage disposal.
Here the bodies who drank themselves silly and sliced off their fingers whisper with the prison guards who hold sacs of hands and toes that were taken from the men before they were forced to bark like dogs as they hobbled alone in the night.
Nadery said the fingers sliced off had been dipped in purple indelible ink, an anti-fraud measure, but one that identified voters to militants.
I also sliced off the tip of another finger, which bled like nobody's business, but the raw flesh is covering up now, slowly.
A CRISP manufacturer has withdrawn a TV advert which shows the top of a bus being sliced off, following complaints from viewers.
Thus a tiny cannon base sprouting an immense swollen barrel is the same size as the student who, sliced off at the waist and perched on the plinth's edge, appears to have contracted gigantism in his left hand.
The victim's right forefinger was sliced off above the knuckle and Grieve pleaded guilty on the first day of his trial.
His arm was sliced off at the biceps when he stuck it into a washing machine, and he underwent 14 hours of reconstructive surgery.
Charlotte Church had to be rushed to hospital yesterday when she nearly sliced off her finger at a party in a local pub.
Police have launched an appeal after a man had his ear sliced off during an attack in Warwickshire.
Andrew Gough, aged 28, shot Last Hope in the head and sliced off his ears before dumping him in the Rhymney Valley.