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Simple regression models showed that the characteristics of deli chain ownership, a higher average number of workers per shift, more shifts per day, more customers served on the busiest day, more slicers, more chubs (plastic tubes of meat) sold daily, deli-required manager food safety training, a written policy on slicer cleaning, manager certification (current or ever), and manager and worker food safety knowledge were significantly associated with both managers and workers indicating that their slicers were fully cleaned at least every 4 hours (Table 2).
Potential licensees interested in obtaining more information about the Cake Slicer and discussing licensing opportunities with respect to the product can contact the Manufacturer Response Department of Innovation Direct[TM] at (877) 991-0909 ext.
For more info, check out Excel's help files or watch Microsoft's nifty slicers video at www.
Help your customers select the right timesaving slicer to streamline their kitchen work.
However, Ikea has the Charm egg slicer in plastic and stainless steel for a more reasonable pounds 1.
The Slaw Shredder and Food Slicer fits a Model 113 paneled counter stand, Model 114 open counter stand, Model 512 floor stand with bucket, or a Model 515 floor stand with caster.
The Hobart 3000 Series slicer is offered in two automatic and two manual configurations.
The Twin Pro S Series has been expanded to include a 3-inch vegetable knife, 4-inch decorating knife, 5-inch chef s wide blade knife and a 12-inch salmon slicer.
But you can't help feeling that Wolves were not prepared to put their own backsides in the slicer by opting not to veer away from the established pack.
of South Hill, VA, to develop the specifications for the new slicer and contracted MAB-Engineering in Germany to handle the mechanical design.
The HS-1 vertical slicer is capable of vertically cutting samples such as polypropylene shampoo bottles, providing thin sections from 100-500 [micro]m.
monocytogenes from a commercial slicer onto sliced meal products.