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Pricing and Availability The Gourmia Power Dicer Slicer Plus is available now through Amazon.
For more info, check out Excel's help files or watch Microsoft's nifty slicers video at www.
The 14-piece set includes an 8-inch chef, 8-inch slicer, 7-inch santoku, 5.
BACON slicers at the ready - Mick McCarthy's in town.
These results indicate that the pathogen can be transferred from a highly contaminated slicer onto meats.
The slicer, a rugged combination of aluminum and stainless steel, has all-metal gears, a powerful 130-watt motor, and a surgical-steel blade that zips through whatever you wish.
Since most food that is cut by a meat slicer has juices, you can expect to have a little mess to clean up once you are done slicing.
Note: Spiral vegetable slicers are available through J.
As the brother's behavior goes from erratic to lethal, the film starts chopping away at MacLaine's haut-bourgeois sense of entitlement like a baloney slicer on overdrive.
As a pro chef I am very proud to announce the launch of this premium mandoline slicer and I am confident that this product will suit everyone who loves cooking.
Onion Slicer Body Completely Constructed of SS 304 Sheet 14 SWG and is
Slice shallot very thinly on slicer (you should have about 1/4 cup), and put both in a large salad bowl.