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You've now created a second pivot table that's automatically connected to the Timeline slicer.
Bread slicer market in the Americas: The growth of the bread slicers market in the Americas is driven by the increase in demand for innovative technologies, such as automated commercial bread slicers.
EHS-Net, a collaborative program of CDC, FDA, USDA, and six EHS-Net-funded state and local health departments, ([dagger]) assessed how often deli slicers were fully cleaned (disassembled, cleaned, and sanitized) at the FDA-specified minimum frequency of every 4 hours.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 23, 2015-Middleby to Acquire UK Meat Slicer Brand
Weber Power Control won its Red Dot in the Communication Design category, illustrating how the complexity of the Weber slicers and in-feeder lines is overcome through a simple graphics-based touch screen operating system.
Washington, April 18 ( ANI ): Children ate more apples when they were provided with fruit slicers in school cafeterias, according to a new research.
Spinning at up to 2,000 RPMs, high-speed deli log slicers can be optimized for high repeatability with crust freezing know-how and high-efficiency cryogenic freezers from Linde North America, Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA.
Also available cutting and trimming tables, V-cut slicers, numerous scales and ancillary items, plus Afos smoking racks and continuous washers.
Durham University hosts the project and principle investigator Professor Ray Sharples, of the Department of Physics, who is also the Director of the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation, said: "One of the unique features of KMOS is the system of diamond-machined image slicers, produced by Durham Precision Optics, which consists of over a thousand gold-coated optical surfaces each manufactured with a precision of a few billionths of a metre.
The Heavy-Duty N-Series food slicers are the first in the industry to be Certified by NSF International to the NSF/ANSI Standard 8-2010, according to officials for the Dayton, Ohio-based manufacturer.
According to "Quick Tips Hall of Fame" in the June issue of Cook's Illustrated, egg slicers are also great for making perfect slices of kiwi, strawberries (for shortcake) or banana "in one quick motion.
The three new features of Excel 2010 we'll discuss here are slicers, Office Web Apps and sparklines.