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Weiser's program slicing technique is also known as a backward slicing.
Conditioned program slicing was first introduced by Canfora et al.
Early program slicing techniques required two parameters: a
All statements related to this slicing criterion are included in the program slice.
The technique uses slicing to decompose a program directly into two parts decomposition slice and complement.
The original program slicing technique by Weiser was developed to aid debugging activities [27].
Several comprehensive surveys are available for program slicing in general [86, 12, 63, 45, 95, 20].
In the following, we review some basic slicing concepts that would be useful to understand the rest of the paper.
Several categories of program slicing as well as methods to compute them are found in literature.
Static Slicing and Dynamic Slicing: Static slicing technique uses static analysis to derive slices.
Dynamic slicing makes use of the information about a particular execution of a program.
The static slice with respect to the slicing criterion < 11, sum > is the set of statements {4, 5, 6, 8, 9}.