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I am so fond of a slide that I could not resist the temptation.
Within, the fire was yet smouldering on the hearth, and the chairs in a circle round it, as if the inhabitants had but gone forth to view the devastation of the Slide, and would shortly return, to thank Heaven for their miraculous escape.
I would get up boldly in the course of the night, and drawing the slide, issue from the house, and pretend that my object was merely to procure a drink from the calabash, which always stood without the dwelling on the corner of the pi-pi.
About midnight, as I imagined, I arose and drew the slide.
Now we've done it," says George in my ear: "Our skin-friction, that last slide, has played Old Harry with the tensions
At once she began to slide downward, so swiftly that when she came to the Scarecrow she knocked him off his feet and sent him tumbling against Dorothy, who tripped up Ojo.
And the wolf-dog, with ears flattened down and crouching, would slide silkily away, only to circle up to the foal from the other side and give cause to the mare for new alarm.
All of a sudden Rose's face brightened, and, softly opening the slide, she peered into the kitchen.
She halted the horse at the brink of the slide and glanced down it with a measuring eye.
This basin was of recent origin, having been formed by a slide of earth and trees.
Weller and the fat boy, having by their joint endeavours cut out a slide, were exercising themselves thereupon, in a very masterly and brilliant manner.
But the part of the mill she liked best was the topmost story,--the corn-hutch, where there were the great heaps of grain, which she could sit on and slide down continually.