slide back

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In many palaces, however, such suites form a long and straight vista, while the folding doors slide back nearly to the walls on either hand, so that the view of the whole extent is scarcely impeded.
Well I guess that with the sale of Suarez and now Sterling, Liverpool can now be officially labelled as a 'selling club' and we will enjoy watching their slide back into mid-table mediocrity.
The rear doors slide back to give a wide access point to the second row of seats.
Fletcher: Do it for Jeff Bill Howell Our man with Albion seen them slide back onto the fringes of the relegation mire.
By dodging the debates altogether, he plans to slide back into No10 on a tide of smears and crony cash.
Put on plates and let guests top the browned side; slide back on grill and cook the second side.
Hold down the grip safety, and press the slide back far enough to line up the notch on the slide with the pin in the frame.
It's a bracing moment, and when the vocals slide back into velvety soul, it's hard not to be carried away.
Nearly 2,000 people have been killed in attacks in Iraq since April, the highest toll in five years, in surging violence that is increasing fears the country may slide back into all-out inter-communal war.
JACK COLBACK says a tophalf finish remains a 'realistic goal' for Sunderland - despite the Black Cats' recent slump seeing them slide back towards the relegation zone.
Summary: The Chancellor has told the Commons that the UK will not slide back into recession, as he delivers his Autumn Statement.
Markets were also dogged by worries that the US and eurozone economies would slide back into recession, crippled by the weight of their debts, while emerging markets such as China would also suffer.