slide back

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In many palaces, however, such suites form a long and straight vista, while the folding doors slide back nearly to the walls on either hand, so that the view of the whole extent is scarcely impeded.
WE WENT for a ski my mate and me With aching back and dodgy knee One look at the slope, you stupid dope Insanity was our plea As I leave the top, how do I stop I've forgotten how to plough I'm going too quick I'm feeling sick As I head up over the brow The boots are tight I can't turn right Panic is setting in fast Why am I here, I feel the fear As my ski goes racing past I'm in a hole I've lost a pole I can't even get back up on my feet My mates just laugh I feel so daft As I slide back on my seat So it's off the slope for this stupid dope Back on terra so firma With the umpteenth beer in hand I'm feeling so grand Who's a bloody learner?
I lock the slide back, insert a fully loaded magazine, pull the slide back and release it, letting it slam forward.
WASHINGTON -- Pakistan will continue to fight against terrorism and ensure areas cleared by the security forces do not slide back in the hands of terrorist networks, a Pakistan Embassy spokesman has said.
Both positioners slide back and forth in the X and Y directions and can be moved toward the DUT at an angle.
The Canaries are now three points clear of the drop-zone in 17th place, but will slide back into the relegation zone if Sunderland win the Tyne-Wear derby today.
Well I guess that with the sale of Suarez and now Sterling, Liverpool can now be officially labelled as a 'selling club' and we will enjoy watching their slide back into mid-table mediocrity.
By dodging the debates altogether, he plans to slide back into No10 on a tide of smears and crony cash.
Put on plates and let guests top the browned side; slide back on grill and cook the second side.
These mongrels of the desert wake every hour from their dreams of fresh water bowls to stretch and creak their bones back into place, only to slide back down to wait out the turning of the Earth.
Hold down the grip safety, and press the slide back far enough to line up the notch on the slide with the pin in the frame.