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Concurrent with the transition to 35-mm film slides, the method of image projection shifted from Magic Lanternstyle slide projectors, to 35-mm slide projectors.
In summary, use of photodegradation with a routinely available slide projector as the light source enables the absorbance attributable to bilirubin to be determined even in specimens containing high absorbances of the other pigments commonly seen in amniotic fluid contaminated with blood.
Now, AV encompasses projectors (the video and data kind), VCRs, DVD players, digital recorders, audio PA systems and a whole host of other AV-designated equipment that even stretches into buzzwords like multimedia, real-time media, videoconferencing and even some legacy film and slide projectors. And more recently, a merger of AV and IT departments has forced a convergence in technologies that will soon produce an explosion of technological innovation that will create a plethora of network-enabled AV products.
This all in reaction to, say, seeing the slide projector set up upon entering French class.
When using a slide show projector, place the screen for the overhead or slide projector on the right or left side of the platform or room.
with all participants seated in a circle, an imaginary slide projector "clicker" is passed around the group.
The technology I used was a simple slide projector operated by an assistant.
The creator and star of The Office returns to the stage in a show that consists of a Bible, a slide projector and a bottle of beer.
We use only one slide projector, controlled by the trial computer, but we always have a second lens and bulb.
Ginsberg, who's on the road every day, carries nearly 30 pounds of gear -- including two laptops, a digital camera, an MP3 player, a slide projector and, of course, dozens of AA batteries.
In Sacramento the cost was $35 per microphone, $35 per screen, $30 per overhead projector, $27 per 35mm slide projector, $20 per electronic pointer and $500 for a computer projector.
Students clamor to take turns as "lighting designer" or "framer"--the first uses a slide projector and a piece of cardboard to illuminate or cast shadows on the subject, while the second shoots the picture with a video camera.