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A, Leitz Edinger Apparatus, circa 1910, used to align a Lantern Slide camera to a microscope, B, Bausch and Lomb Carbon Arc Balopticon C Lantern Slide Projector, circa 1908, used to project images from Lantern Slides.
Slide projectors of a type similar to the one used here continue to be manufactured, e.
Now, AV encompasses projectors (the video and data kind), VCRs, DVD players, digital recorders, audio PA systems and a whole host of other AV-designated equipment that even stretches into buzzwords like multimedia, real-time media, videoconferencing and even some legacy film and slide projectors.
The most commonly used types of A-V equipment are slide projectors, overhead projectors, video projectors, and flip charts/chalkboards.
In the late 1990s, I replaced the slide projector with a computer running Microsoft PowerPoint.
The creator and star of The Office returns to the stage in a show that consists of a Bible, a slide projector and a bottle of beer.
Ginsberg, who's on the road every day, carries nearly 30 pounds of gear -- including two laptops, a digital camera, an MP3 player, a slide projector and, of course, dozens of AA batteries.
We use only one slide projector, controlled by the trial computer, but we always have a second lens and bulb.
In Sacramento the cost was $35 per microphone, $35 per screen, $30 per overhead projector, $27 per 35mm slide projector, $20 per electronic pointer and $500 for a computer projector.
Students clamor to take turns as "lighting designer" or "framer"--the first uses a slide projector and a piece of cardboard to illuminate or cast shadows on the subject, while the second shoots the picture with a video camera.
Capability: ShapeSnatcher version three transforms slide projector and digital camera shots into high-resolution, three-dimensional models or scanned systems.
Samples can be loaded onto a tray similar to a carousel in a slide projector, and 50 samples can be tested in an hour.