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Available in all PremierGarage finishes, customers can mix and match the new sliding doors with the company's traditional garage cabinets for the perfect arrangement to meet their individual needs.
It does, however, offer both residential and commercial sliding door repair and replacement services excluding non-glass doors.
The following pages feature a selection of inspirational room sets to provide you with an idea of just what can be achieved with the Volante sliding door system.
The sliding door system with indoor built in drive unit represents pioneering technology in the field.
Sliding doors keep high traffic areas unobstructed -- a helpful feature for older residents dealing with walkers and wheelchairs.
All models feature electric sliding doors, air conditioning, trip computer, radio/CD player and front fog lights.
Sliding doors not only save space but also create a contemporary look
A GL model adds remote keyless entry, power sliding door, power front seats and an overhead console with a trip computer.
Three raiders hooked the cash machine in the reception area to the car then tried to drive out, but smashed into sliding doors on the way.
The length of those sliding doors has pushed the pillars where the seatbelts are attached a long way back - don't neglect your yoga practice if you want to reach them.
Peugeot's innovative new small car with sliding doors received a rough ride when it was unveiled to the press this week.