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A man preserves and breeds from an individual with some slight deviation of structure, or takes more care than usual in matching his best animals and thus improves them, and the improved individuals slowly spread in the immediate neighbourhood.
No doubt the strawberry had always varied since it was cultivated, but the slight varieties had been neglected.
The grave was then filled in with the rubbish taken from the ground, which formed a slight mound.
A man may be very sober--or at least firmly set upon his legs on that neutral ground which lies between the confines of perfect sobriety and slight tipsiness--and yet feel a strong tendency to mingle up present circumstances with others which have no manner of connection with them; to confound all consideration of persons, things, times, and places; and to jumble his disjointed thoughts together in a kind of mental kaleidoscope, producing combinations as unexpected as they are transitory.
Long lines of poorly lighted streets might be faintly traced, with here and there a lighter spot, where lamps were clustered round a square or market, or round some great building; after a time these grew more distinct, and the lamps themselves were visible; slight yellow specks, that seemed to be rapidly snuffed out, one by one, as intervening obstacles hid them from the sight.
Partially cloudy to cloudy skies are expected to prevail on Monday with a slight drop in temperature hitting three degrees Celsius above the annual average.
Hong Kong and Japan observed a slight deterioration in the regular income component (-5.
According to the meteorologist, there is very slight chance for Zul-Hajj moon to be sighted today (Tuesday) adding, 'The new moon has already been born at 11:30 yesterday and it is currently aged 19 hours and 36 minutes.
When I say it is of slight interest, it is of slight interest," Cousins said.
Sea will be slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf, and slight to moderate, rough gradually by late night & Saturday morning in Oman Sea.
The weekend also looks set to be a scorcher a slight chance of seeing some showers scattered around.
slight, ordinary, and gross negligence--may be traced to Roman law (96) and continued into England with the law of bailments.