slight change

References in classic literature ?
Utterson, with a slight change of voice, "and what was that?
Arrived at the top of the kitchen stairs, she noted a slight change.
His reason told him how the affair might have been magnified into ruin by a slight change of scenery--if it had been a gambling-house that he had turned into, where chance could be clutched with both hands instead of being picked up with thumb and fore-finger.
Yet in spite of having those weights on his conscience, Eugene was somewhat enlivened by the late slight change in the circumstances of affairs.
A slight change in the tint of the skin and the color of his hair had metamorphosed him into the Spanish-looking fellow he then appeared; and as gracefulness of movement and gentlemanly manners had always been perfectly natural to him, he found no difficulty in playing the bold part he had adopted--that of a gentleman travelling with his domestic.
The stranger marvelled greatly, and then went on, with only a slight change of tone: "You've grown a beard like Father Christmas himself.
Although I saw him every day, it was for only a short time; hence, the regularly recurring spaces of our separation were long enough to record on his face any slight changes that occurred in his physical state.
There was nothing to disapprove, so the two sisters went downstairs to make some slight changes in their dress.
Happily, I may say that I utter nothing but the thoughts and the wishes of the King of Israel himself; for though the times may call for some slight changes, yet does this version which we use in the colonies of New England so much exceed all other versions, that, by its richness, its exactness, and its spiritual simplicity, it approacheth, as near as may be, to the great work of the inspired writer.
NNA - Friday weather in Lebanon is almost clear during day with slight change in temperature, changes to cloudy with fog formation at night, as forecasted by Beirut Airport -based Meteorology department.
That has really been the team mentality this year, which is a slight change from last, and it's an excellent environment to be in every day.
She ran a promising race last year and it was a slight change of plan to make her way to the front when there was no pace.