slight indication

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As a rule, when I have heard some slight indication of the course of events, I am able to guide myself by the thousands of other similar cases which occur to my memory.
By slight indications the sisters could convey much to each other.
For him the plain duty is to fasten the guilt upon as many prominent anarchists as he can on some slight indications he had picked up in the course of his investigation on the spot; whereas I, he would say, am bent upon vindicating their innocence.
A few slight indications of a rather petted and capricious manner, which I observed in the Beauty, were manifestly considered, by Traddles and his wife, as her birthright and natural endowment.
There was a slight indication that the TCV and 1990s Primate groups performed better in some learning tests, and some of the experimental groups demonstrated fewer negative social behaviors than the control group.
The players who are currently not producing the goods for Lambert cost just a fraction of the Frenchman's total package and that's just a slight indication of how times have changed.
He said: "There was a slight indication things weren't right when we brought the dog home.
This was much worse, possibly the first sign of the apocalypse, or at least a slight indication that the apocalypse could be coming if all goes according to plan.
We did have a slight indication as we got to have a drink afterwards.
ONE OF the first things you learn as a law student is that property is nine tenths of the law, giving a slight indication of the concerns of the first law-makers.
As he walked off the ground to a standing ovation, with onlookers eagle-eyed for any hint of retirement, a small bat-raise was the only slight indication that he might have just played his last innings for Australia.
None of the 205 national Olympic committees represented gave even a slight indication of not supporting the Games.