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But if you don't own your home, each huge surge in prices makes the chance of getting on to the property ladder even slighter.
So keen are new mums to shift their excess weight, that even stars renowned for their feminine curves are racing to the gym and drastically changing their eating habits in a quest for figures slighter than they were before they became pregnant.
Has won over a slighter longer trip than this on soft ground.
We're under the microscope,'' said Reeves, 40, who if anything is even a bit slighter of build than Rijos.
Prize slighter Prince Naseem Hamed won a stinging victory over his latest opponent yesterday - before a punch is thrown.
Broker Cazenove, which rates Homeserve shares an "outperform" speculation, said the interim results were slighter better than had been expected.
This was only slighter higher than the EU average of 2.
He's in great form, and the bit of give in the ground will be ideal for him, especially over the slighter shorter trip.
A slighter piece than might have been expected from the writer of Thelma And Louise, the film still manages to deal with the issue of marital crisis in a realistic and, at times, humorous manner.
Their prospects of unearthing a Gary Cahill, a Steven Davis or a Luke Moore are substantially slighter.
The slighter larger of the two pictured here is around pounds 8 by Typhoon, call 020 8974 4755 for stockist details or visit www.
Himself so self-effacing during his lifetime (190389), Berkeley's modesty seems to have transferred itself to the proclamation of his compositions, and this collection of some of his slighter chamber works by largely Australian performers ought to be a welcome addition to the catalogue - especially at such a bargain price.